Never Bomb a Technical Interview Again

De-Coding The Technical Interview Process

In many ways the technical interview is a way to evaluate candidates for performance anxiety more than it serves to prove their technical capabilities.

We've all been there. The hot seat. Under pressure. Being grilled on the nuances of our language of choice in a way that feels completely detached from reality in front of strangers you just met that day.

“What’s the difference between overloading and overriding in Java?” the interviewer asks.

Your mind is blank. You have no idea.

You weren't prepared for this question!

Another interview bombed because you didn't show up armed with the right knowledge to ace the test.

This is a true story, and it's exactly what happened to me when I showed up for an interview with the IBM Spectrum Control team, unprepared, because I thought it would be easy.


Over the course of your career as a software developer you will face the technical interview countless times. From small startups to fortune 500 companies around the world the technical interview is deeply engrained in the process of getting a new job in tech.

Your degrees, certifications, and lived experience can often be enough to get you in the door, but you'll still have to pass the test, often a series of tests, to land the job.

What if you had a cheat code?

What if you had the knowledge you needed to effectively practice for the technical interview.

What if you could reduce your anxiety and focus on showing off your hard earned skills?

That's exactly why I wrote De-Coding the Technical Interview Process.

After spending hundreds of hours studying JavaScript and systems designs for interviews, working on take-home projects, and rehearsing answers to behavioral interviews everything I've learned has been distilled into this guide so that you can show up ready and prepared to land your dream job.

My goal with this course is to provide you with all the tools needed to not only land a job interview but score a job offer. You'll learn about the application process, the recruiter phone screen, the live coding challenge, the take home coding project, the whiteboard on-site interviews (behavioral and technical), systems design interviews, and negotiating an offer.

You'll learn:

  • The interview process
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Practice coding projects
  • Study plans
  • Learning resources
  • Tips for hiring managers

Whether you’re a college graduate, self-taught developer switching industries, or a seasoned engineer, this course will be your ultimate guide to technical interviews. Feeling prepared for your interviews will ensure you walk into your interviews with confidence.

You are good enough.

You can do this.

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What People Are Saying

In De-Coding The Technical Interview Process Emma does a superb job breaking down the process of interviews that reflects the experiences I have had at tech companies. I’m certain that had I prepared for all my interviews using a resource like this, I would have gotten more (and better) offers.
Kent C. Dodds
In De-Coding The Technical Interview, Emma gives a masterclass on proving valuable insight from someone experienced enough to be giving interviews while remaining empathetic to the struggles of the developer going through them.
Tyler McGinnis
I failed a ton of interviews in my front-end career because I was not adequately prepared and did not know what to expect. I wish "De-Coding The Technical Interview" had existed when I was starting out, it would have saved me from so many rejections!
Max Stoiber
De-Coding The Technical Interview Process" gives you a clear sense of direction, plan, and actionable steps to prepare for you for a tech job search with maximum success. Learning these concepts will prepare and position you to ace any tech interview. If you've been hitting a low in getting a job in tech, I recommend you buy this book, it is a pleasure to read.
Segun Adebayo
With “De-Coding the Technical Interview”, Emma has condensed her years of experience in the tech industry into a guide that you can use to get that life-changing job more quickly. If you’re looking for the most modern, practical, and empathetic book about tech interviewing, this is the one to get without hesitation.
Eve Porcello
Preparing for technical interviews is quite the undertaking. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to study and finding the time to do so. Fortunately, Emma Bostian has you covered with De-Coding The Technical Interview Process. Even if not actively interviewing, the abundance of technical exercises and problem-solving techniques make this a worthy addition to any software developer's bookshelf.
Angie Jones
The interview process in tech is stressful, confusing, and doesn’t always make sense. Emma has created a killer resource to help you better understand what to expect and how to nail every aspect of your interviews. If you’re trying to land a job in tech, De-Coding the Technical Interview is your fast-track to showing companies how amazing you are and how much value you can add by figuring out the mechanics ahead of time.
Jason Lengsdorf
De-Coding the Technical Interview is an incredibly comprehensive guide to each stage of the interview process. It's encouraging, visual, well-scaffolded, and incredibly designed. There are so many tangible takeaways from the book that the reader can immediately put into action, from sample questions to lists of topics to study to a checklist of things to check before submitting a code challenge. This book is a must-read for any developer looking for their first role (or beyond!)
Ali Spittel
This is the book I never thought I needed. Going through interviews is not my strongest suit. In this book. "Decoding the Technical Interview", Emma does a great job of not only showing us we can be great at interviewing but she also breaks down the core concepts into smaller bits with helpful examples and exercises. Reading through this I already feel more confident and I'm ready to ace my interviews.
Gift Egwuenu

Hi, I'm Emma Bostian. Your instructor for the Technical Interviews course, nice to meet you. 😊

In the past five years I have suffered through, and failed at, many technical interviews. Nobody enjoys the stress and anxiety of studying for a technical interview; there’s so much to learn!

Data structures, algorithms, systems design, and more! Where do you even begin to learn all of these skills?

But interviewing is much more than the ability to regurgitate technical definitions and problem solve. To receive a job offer you have to be a good communicator and a team player. is your one-stop shop to the technical interview process. It gives you the technical knowledge and confidence you need to nail your technical interviews.