Humans Behind Technical Interviews is your guide to the technical interview process, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to prepare for — and nail — your technical interviews.

Emma Bostian and egghead are collaborating to make Technical Interviews the best resource to help you navigate and prepare for the technical interview process. Emma is the creator and instructor, while egghead team members and collaborators provide planning, design, development, and delivery support.

Meet the team that's bringing you Technical Interviews.

Emma Bostian

Emma Bostian

Author / Instructor

Emma wrote De-Coding the Technical Interview Process and the email course, breaking down what she learned going through many technical interviews with companies large and small. She's working on designing and creating material for a full interactive video workshop.


Joel Hooks

Executive Producer

Joel directs and guides the development and production of Technical Interviews, collaborating closely with Emma and the team throughout the process. He also serves as the lead for development and infrastructure work.


Maggie Appleton

Art Director

Maggie provides the art direction for Technical Interviews and managed and coordinated the 3D illustration work, providing a cohesive creative vision to translate the concepts taught into helpful and gorgeous visuals.


Ian Jones


Ian does back-end development and infrastructure work for Technical Interviews, including getting the eCommerce component and authorization routes in place.


Taylor Bell

Editor & Instructional Design Support

Taylor collaborates with Emma on creating an effective learning experience through curriculum design, content planning, and editing.


Núria Madrid

3D Illustrator

Núria created the stunning 3D illustrations used in De-Coding the Technical Interview Process.


Vojta Holik

Product Designer & Developer

Vojta is responsible for the captivating UI/UX design & development for Technical Interviews as well as the branding and layout.


Cree Provinsal

Content Production and Review

Cree provided copy editing and support in converting the original content from De-Coding the Technical Interview Process to a new format.


Daniel Miller

Product / Project Manager

Daniel manages and facilitates the team's production, development and delivery efforts for Technical Interviews.